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Fast! Flippin'! Fun! 

Chris Cakes of Colorado is a pancake catering company. We cater any event including fund raisers, open houses, benefits, grand openings, corporate events, schools... the list is endless!


We have the ability to feed groups from 75 to 10,000. Our staff will setup, serve, cleanup, and prepare all the pancakes you can eat! 

Our system is completely portable and can be taken just about anywhere in Colorado. Due to some fire enforcement rules we prefer to set up outside.

It's easy, clean, fast, and fun!


Showstopping Pancakes!

Our griddle and our staff are part of the fun! The unique hopper fed griddle churns out four pancakes along the hopper, for a total of 48 pancakes cooking at once! The second our fluffy cakes are done, we'll toss them to you, literally!

We flip pancakes with your busy schedule in mind.  Ours is not your ordinary pancake meal. It doesn't have to be a breakfast ... it can be a brunch, or pancake supper!  We flip pancakes with your busy schedule in mind. 

We can serve 500 people an hour from each griddle (we have 3). We can also serve larger groups of up to 50,000 guests with the help from our friends in Kansas

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